March 11, 2009

I think everyone is rather much aware that results will be out tomorrow, both for A-Levels and SPM. So good luck for tomorrow. Though I don't even know why I'm wishing good luck; it's not like praying super hard or hoping so much would magically cause one's marks to change now. It might cause one's papers to be mixed up with some other person's though.

March 10, 2009


Since this blog here has been lying dormant for quite a while, I decided that I should do something about it. Like post up something. So here I am.

I was just looking back on some of the older posts, and I came across this.

Begin quote:
"In MCKL (when I was there):

* Everyone knew everyone.
* Birthdays were celebrated by everyone.
* Teachers are our friends. They eat and play sports with us.
* We have a clean toilet. Phew!
* Parking is free =)
* We have our own building, a basketball court and a field.
* Classes are air conditioned. "
Quote ends =)

Here's my take on the above.

Well, I wouldn't exactly say that everyone knew everyone, but maybe he was just implying that recognising someone's face around college constitutes knowing someone. That would simply be an over exaggeration on the writer's part. Likewise for the second statement. But maybe I'm just taking his words way too literally. But I can see where he's coming from. I may have qualms over his statements being overly general; I know I can get rather particular over things like this and insist on not making sweeping statements; but all in all this place is quite an interesting place, and I have no regrets about choosing this place. It might have it's bad side, but certainly it has plenty of good as well. But then again, so does every educational institution. I guess it's really relative to each person.

The third statement is also really subjective as well; I shall not elaborate.

And finally, the fourth statement is really one of the reasons why I decided to comment on a previous posting. Fine, the toilets are cleaned everyday, but has anyone ever seen the upstairs guys' urinal overflowing? And believe me, it does that a lot. It's a rather disgusting sight, though the institution might not have anything to do with it; you could blame those who throw tissue paper into the urinals. But then again, maybe the plumbing's faulty and there are plenty of stuck pipes everywhere. Who knows?

And yes, parking is free no more. Last year it was 10, now it's 240. But we must be understanding, there's construction going on and a complete lack of space. Though it can get a bit noisy sometimes. Reminds me of the times when I was in WMS and the place was noisy everyday no thanks to the construction. I seem cursed to go to places that suddenly decide that they want to expand or something.

Last two statements are facts, there is not much to say there. So speak not I shall.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to criticise the college, neither am I trying to dispute what one of the previous author was trying to say. I enjoy college, and I have nothing against that guy as well. It's just that I had completely no idea of what to post here, and that particular post presented the most workable inspiration to me. And I felt like I had to post something up; this blog has been dormant for too long. In other words, a post just for the sake of posting.

And yes, any comments are welcome. Preferrably of the constructive sort. And that's all I have.

January 07, 2009


I'm getting too old to be the admin for this blog. For the ones who are still in MCKL, please drop your email in the comment box to be a writer & admin for it.

O yea, one more thing,

WELCOME 0901!!!

December 28, 2008

MCKL: Best place for A Levels

1. MCKL is NOT paying me money.
2. This is just my humble personal opinion

With the new year coming up, I'm pretty sure lots of students fresh off SPM are searching for "the next step".

The laziest of them would just fall into the advertising gimmick of Taylors and HELP. Look at the newspapers, your school magazines, fashion magazines, posters and such... Taylors and HELP are everywhere! It almost seems like they're the only ones offering A Levels.

The slightly lazier but smarter people would just google "best college for A Levels", "best college in KL for A Levels", "most happening college for A Levels", "cheapest college for A Levels".. the list goes on.

Well, my personal opinion is, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur or MCKL, is the best college for A Levels. At least, it was the best while I was there in 2006-2007.

Yes, it is small.
But small is what makes it good. We may be small, but we have quality. Small also means smaller classes and a better teacher-student ratio. Hence, better results.

Yes, it looks unimpressive.
Hence, the low fees. So what? Bad packaging, but it's the insides that count. It is proven that hi-tech buildings do not make you smarter. What do you need when studying for A levels? Do you need a gym? A dance studio, a tennis court, a foosball table and such? No! Also, they just end up being a distraction.

Yes, our library is small.
Do you actually need a huge library with 10,000 books in it? I'm in uni and I never borrowed a single book from its big and impressive library. What more A Levels. Besides, the MCKL lecturers are good enough =)

Yes, we do have fun.
So what if we don't have stuff. We still have fun! Despite a majority of our students having major exams every 6 months, we still have 3-4 fantastic events every semester that ALL students and lecturers attend. And every time is FUN!

No, we do not have Asia Cafe next door.
But we have a monorail that's built on former MCKL land, which leads straight to Bukit Bintang and Times Square. And we are walking distance away from KL Central which is ONE ktm stop away from MidValley, ONE lrt stop away from Petaling Street (yummy food =) and few stops away from KLCC. Even so, Brickfields itself has great food!

No, Brickfields is NOT a dangerous place.
What horror stories have you heard? =.=' BLIND people can walk around brickfields at ALL times of the day and they're safe. What makes you think we people with perfectly good eyesight are in danger? We're the ones bringing the danger instead! A clutz and a person who is oblivious to her surroundings like me can survive taking public transport to college everyday, why not you?

Yes, we do have international students.
Despite our tiny size, we do have quite a lot of international students especially in the July intake. They are kick ass young geniuses!

No, Methodist COLLEGE is NOT a school!
Methodist College is a COLLEGE. We do NOT wear school uniforms. It only offers A Levels, AUSMAT and Early Childhood Education (for future kindergaten teachers, it's not a kindergarten).

Yes, there's hardly any adverts.
It means the tuition fees you're paying isnt to pay for advertising.

Yes, there's plenty of gangster looking indians there (back in 2006-07)
So what?! These people are the REALLY SMART and very well mannered indians who are all future doctors and lawyers. They're VERY impressive people who end up inspiring the rest to "buck up" so we don't look too stupid compared to them.

The lecturers:

If I had to describe my lecturers in one word, I'd say "FANTASTIC!" and mean it in every fantastic way possible.

I took 3 subjects, Accounting, Economics and Law.

Mr Ferns. I'm now in Uni and I still say Mr Ferns is the BEST accounting lecturer! I was once one of the biggest accounting haters, and despite my mental wall against accounting, he changed my opinion in just a 10 minute introduction on my first day. He made everything in accounting, so simple! Besides accounting, he is a really knowledgeable man who taught us many other things in his spare time.

Mrs Chiu. She's strict yet lenient very often. She has very strong moral stands and harps them into us every chance possible. Her lectures are GOOD! Write down EVERYthing she says! They're IMPORTANT! I still keep my notes from her classes to this day. Also, she marked every single past year paper I did on my own and guided me through personally on how to improve my answers.

Mrs Dharma. Ooh.. she's a cute little lady, but she's fierce! And she loves scaring her students! But she's a really nice lady with a good sense of humour! Her lessons are very full and well prepared. She doesnt take the short cut and just teach you to pass exams.

OK, I'm an Arts student and didnt take any Science subjects. But I have good feedback from my science stream friends. They say Miss Lim, the Math teacher is THE BEST!!!

In MCKL (when I was there):

  • Everyone knew everyone.
  • Birthdays were celebrated by everyone.
  • Teachers are our friends. They eat and play sports with us.
  • We have a clean toilet. Phew!
  • Parking is free =)
  • We have our own building, a basketball court and a field.
  • Classes are air conditioned.
MCKL to me:

MCKL didnt just teach me how to pass exams. It gave me an EDUCATION, in academics and morals. Encountering MCKL teachers was when I first understood what it is to "respect teachers". They deserve it.

It is a fantastic bridge from school to university. In that period of my life, I went through many changes academicly and at home. I was a fish out of water. Good friends and good lecturers made sure that I stayed on track and made my days brighter.

I learnt to encourage others around me and build them up the way my peers did to me. I did many things I never thought I'd do. I became what I never thought I could be.

September 05, 2008

OK!!! FINE!!!!!

So none of the other writers are free or willing enough to contribute something to this blog. OK. FINE!!! Then I'll start something and hope that others may follow suit.

P.s. Totally random photos are inserted in this post to cure the monotony of a long post.

I know, we're so cute, right?

Now, this is going to be in the perspective of an "expired" senior.

Whenever I walk into college nowadays, I get the feeling of "seniority". It's like I've been there for my 1.5 years already and I've done my part. Now it's time for you younger generations to go through it. Plus, everytime I do walk into college nowadays, I get a "Hey! Wee Kiat!" from friends who are still there. It's like they saw an extincted dinosaur walking around. It's a great feeling. And of course, I'm just as happy to see you guys too! Don't worry, I won't eat you guys up.

"Expired" seniors.

Hey, college is a good thing wei... If you make it a good thing. I know some of you guys still repeat these words, "MCKL SUCKS!!!" but what do you expect la? Yup, we're not perfect but we are good in some parts. Few days ago, Jennifer called me because she's conducting a survey on MCKL alumnus. She asked me, "What's the best thing about MCKL?"

And I replied, "The friends, the family feeling and the togetherness". Yup, I miss that feeling. Sigh. I feel so old.

Wow, the view of the moon from MCKL is quite good wei.

How would you guys feel if your friends are spread all around the world? Some studying in UK, some in US, some in Aussie, some in Singapore? I guess you'll miss them loads. Yea, that's how I feel. I bet that's how most of us "expired" seniors feel. So treasure each other now, for one and a half years is short. As for me, I'm stuck here in Malaysia. Sigh...

Rare footage taken from the lounge. Everyone studying!!

Anyway, I guess MCKL is evolving.
Heard about the 25th Anniversary but won't be there.
Heard about the Groundbreaking Ceremony.
Heard about some students doing things unheard of during my generation.
Heard about the CF Camp but missed it! ARGH!! WHY MUST AVRIL COME DOWN TO KL DURING THAT TIME?!?!
I feel so... outdated.

Not all days in MCKL are good ones. But most are.

By the way, can someone blog about the camp? I mean, like an elaborate one, with plenty of photos? David? Alithea? Regina? Pik Wen? Cassie? Alexis?

"What? You expect me to solve THAT?!"

Well, I guess I have nothing more to say about MCKL now. Writer's block. Anyway, I hope you guys will continue posting stuff up on this blog. Don't let it die. Just write anything. Look at Kenny Sia, he can blog about durian flavoued condoms and people still read his blog. To MCKL students who aren't writers yet, please do drop a comment with your email so I can add you as a writer.

Different yet the same.

The queen of numbers.

"Who loves MCKL, hands up! Now, second question, who ran out of deodorant?"

Take care.

July 07, 2008

What, me? Why? Oh just write...

Now that we're here, I'm not supposed to be even doing this.So what am I doing writing this little post on a blog related to an institution that I am thankfully not a part of anymore? Pestilence aside, another influence that could have possibly motivated this epitome of laziness that is your truly is the fact I could use the practice, or the unlikely chance that I'm feeling nostalgic.

However, I will punctuate this post with a picture.

I'll just leave that as it is. I loathe to ruin it with a caption.

So yes, where were we?
Ah yes.

What do i say about an institution such as MCKL?
I could always quote Jeff Dunham and Walter:

"Marriage is an institution."
"Yeah, so is Alcatraz!"

Of course, MCKL isn't Alcatraz. Its not a prison site which was inescapable for the most part of its history or the site of a VX missile attack gone sour. Its merely a half way house where people who either are too poor to pay the astronomical costs that places like Taylor's incurs, or too proud to do pre university at a half baked place somewhere else. Sure, it might have been a little too nostalgic for its own good back then, but they're trying to change! They've gone and got themselves a marketing division! They're hiring new lecturers! Trust me its all good.

Did I mention they're going to build a new block too? Yes they are! Well, I bet you that involves cutting down that real nice tree by the cargo container, but a price to pay for advancement I suppose. We can then safely assume they are not tree huggers. Which may be a good thing come to think of it. Would you trust someone who hugged a poison ivy coated tree on principle? I wouldn't. I don't really want to leave with a horrible rash. But still, the administrators of MCKL are good people. Just a little... misguided.

Another punctuation:

Because it pays to be early for class

Now, because I am out of things to say for now, I will do some shameless pushing of my own blog: Subpoena'ed (which you would have undoubtedly seen under my link in the links list) which functions as my image, ramblings, and poetry dump.

Hope to write again.

June 28, 2008

Sneak Preview to Next Sem?

Just went back college today to settle the fees for next semester, (Don't want to kena the 5% extra after June 30th!)

and guess what I saw?!


Just our new timetables for the next semester laaaaa.
Practically everyone has classes until 430. ( thanks to IELTS or Malaysian Studies)
BOOHOO.... except friday that is...


But the Marchies memang kesian-EST,
have classes till 530 pm for most days... *wahliauwei*

Just can't wait for the next semester eh? ;D